Professional  pilot program

Our Professional Pilot program is designed to take a person from no flight experience through Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument.  Upon completion of the program a person will be prepared to obtain work either as a commercial pilot, or flight instructor.  Financing options are available at this level to accelerate the training process.

The training outline is as follows:

Private Pilot Program

Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot Program

Endorsements, to include High Performance, Complex and Tail Wheel

Certified Flight Instructor Airplane – initial

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane – add on

The actual cost to complete the Professional Pilot program will depend on the amount of flight time and training time required to meet the experience and proficiency requirements. Students should be able to complete the program within the minimum 250 flight hour requirement to obtain the Commercial Pilot certificate.   Approximate costs range between $50,000 and $61,500 depending on proficiency. (Prices include training only.  Testing costs for written tests and examiner fees are not included)