Instrument Rating

An instrument rated pilot can fly when weather conditions are less than what is required for visual flight rules (VFR).  A person learns and acquires the skills necessary to fly solely by reference to flight instruments while safely navigating from one airport to another.  This is a required skill for any pilot aspiring to fly commercial passenger/cargo aircraft.  All pilots benefit from the additional skills required to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), whether they fly that way or not.  It makes an individual a much safer and knowledgeable pilot.

Instrument Rating requirments are as follows:


Obtain a minimum of 40 hours Simulated or Actual instrument time

Receive a minimum of 15 hours Instrument Flight Training

Accomplish an IFR cross-country training flight (250 NM total distance, with 3 legs & appchs)

Acquire a minimum of 50 hours > 50 nm cross-country PIC time

Pass the required knowledge test

Pass the required practical test

Our structured training program and use of a state-of-the-art full motion Aviation Advanced Training Device allows our students to get the best training possible.  Costs vary between individuals depending on the training hours needed.  For students that already have the 50hrs cross-country PIC time, Costs will vary between $7500 and $9000 depending on proficiency.  If the additional cross-country hours are needed, then costs will increase approximately $5000.